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Designed with Safety as the Goal

The Portable Heat Injector System continuously monitors the discharge temperature with an onboard Temperature Controller and automatically modulates the gas to achieve the desired discharge temperature. This is a unique and critically important feature for the heat treatment process. It’s a law of nature…the heat level within the structure will not become warmer than the discharge temperature.  The Temperature Controller is preset with safe ranges of operation and Supervisory Limits can be set to prevent Operators from changing the settings above an acceptable level for specific processes. As an additional safety feature, the Air Intake temperature is monitored and will act as a thermostat to turn the burner off/on, but let the main airflow continue.  This patented design also allows the air volume to be adjusted from the control panel (1,000-4,000CFM) while maintaining the discharge temperature. The Air Intake can be filtered, which will reduce the airflow, without affecting its clean burning characteristics.  The control panel and burner box require a specialized tool for access and the gas valve is lockable. There are female connections on each end of the Gas Supply Hose to keep it primed and to prevent on-site leakage when the process is complete. There is an Emergency Stop switch on Control Panel to quickly enable anyone to shut it off.

Motors and Controls are outside the Heated Environment

The motors and controls are outside the heated environment during heat treatments to ensure safe operation and maximum equipment life. This unique feature also allows the Portable Unit to be used to purge moisture laden air for water remediation.

Less Personal Exposure to heat during Elevated Heat Treatment

The Heat Injector System has a ducted discharge which operates effectively and heats without the need to rearrange fans and reposition heaters during the heat treatment process. This unique feature significantly reduces the personal exposure time to the heated environment. It is typical that periodic inspections are performed and the flexible duct repositions to balance the heating process.
This patented Unit has a low emission burner with a dedicated combustion blower to supply fresh air for combustion during the heat treatment and water remediation processes without exceeding the carbon monoxide limits established by OSHA.

Integrated Flame Management System

The FM Approved, Flame Management System manages the safety interlocks, starts the burner with direct spark ignition and continuously monitors the flame with a flame rod amplifier with a 1 second response to loss of the flame signal. The alarm is reset from the control panel.  An independent High Temperature Limit senses the discharge for added safety. The High Temperature Limit protects against equipment failure with an automatic reset.