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    The New Standard for Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

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    The most energy efficient direct gas fired heat technology

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Heat Injector

The Heat Injector System is the new standard for bed bug heat treatment Equipment, using patented technology to save the PCO thousands each year. Click here to learn more...

Heat Injector

The Industrial Heat Injector is available in a range of configurations, applications, and BTU output sizes. Click here to learn more...

Heat Injector Services

The Heat Injector Services is a service we offer to provide the end users with the newest technology. Click here to see if there is a Heat Injector in your area.


What we have so far

Industrial to Portable

All of the knowledge we put into the Portable Heat Injector have from an industrial background where EVERYTHING is scientific and fully engineered.

The Complete System

Here it is folks, This is all you need to have a bug killin' heating system. The most efficient heating system on the market. (Patented)

Distribution System

Our Heat Distribution System is the circuit of flexible ductwork that sends the heat deep into the structure. This will eliminate the need for fans!

Quality Control

We always perform a final testing on every unit.

Built-in Heat Injector

We can take build the Heat Injector Module into any air make-up unit.

Custom Distribution System

We have an array of different options for connecting duct through the treatment area. There has been several additions to our supplied cinches.

Simple Fabric Cinches

We have designed a quick and simple method to attach our flexible ductwork in virtually any configuration.

Before the Paint Job

Preparing some Heat Injectors for paint, we have a signature green paint we coat all of our Heat Injectors, unless specified by the customer.

Our Team

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Product Line Manager


Product Line Manager


Heat Injector Services

Our skills

The New Standard for Heat Treatment.

David Krupp started by designing custom spray booths and exhaust filtration systems with the parts supplied by a previous employer. In 2004 a merger within that supplier caused SSI to develop the methods required to fabricate sheet metal. Brian Krupp, son of the founder, became the technical support to develop elaborate systems used to process custom sheet metal used in the Booth Bits Program. This process continues and is managed by Travis Estler, son-in-law to the founder, who now manages the sheet metal fabrication interface.

The patent process for the Heat Injector System was started in 2004 with the final patent granted in 2008. Brian assisted in the development of the Heat Injector System; with the first Industrial Heat Injector being built in 2010. They are now operational in many different applications heating both fresh and recirculated air with discharge temperatures designed for comfort heat or elevated cure temperatures. Brian now manages the production and technical support of the Industrial and Commercial Heat Injector.

The development of the Portable Heat Injector System was initiated by Kevin Krupp in 2010. The design utilizes the patented concept of the Heat Injector System with unique features that have been developed with additional patents filed. The 2014 Model is being released to market as the most energy efficient method for heat treatment…setting a new standard for heat treatment. Kevin manages the production and technical support of the Portable Heat Injector System.

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Supplier Support International is a family owned and operated company that was established by David Krupp in 2001 with a mission to design unique products that solve problems for the people whom they serve. It was the goal to manage the design and manufacturing process to effectively produce what the market needs to solve the problems they have.