Placement Systems

Air Shell

  The Air Shell is used when the treatment area has only one entrance, typically apartment and hotels. The Air Shell created a air tight “shell” around the heat sensitive items such as the control panel and main airflow motor. This ensures the Heat Injector will be running in the most ideal environment for maximum equipment life. The Air Shell is constructed of a lightweight foam with exceptional thermal performance at a R-value of 3.

Once the Air Shell is installed there is a removable fabric cinch that connects to a 12” duct that connects to the nearest window opening, this duct proved the airflow required for the air to fuel ratio automatically determined by the patented dedicated combustion blower. This airflow from the window also allow for a cool airflow for the internal gas line and the air used to pressurize once the pressurizing mode has been turned on.



Doorway Air Barrier

  The Doorway Air Barrier is used when there is more than one entrance to the treatment area. It is installed in the doorway to the heated environment with the controls only exposed to the cooler outside air.  The Air Barrier was designed to fit in a standard 7ft door.  The Air Barrier was designed to have the intake and discharge in the same environment to produce a recirculated airflow. With the controls only exposed to the cool outside air, it will extend equipment life significantly while allowing the dedicated combustion blower to have access to fresh air to produce to right air to fuel ratio, automatically!  With the Heat Injector in the doorway, the pressurization mode can be easily activated once the air intake is reading a lethal temperature(125ºF or greater) the treatment area will begin to experience a slightly positive pressure causing the heat to be pushed out all the crack and crevices, where bed bugs might find harborage.

Air Distribution

DD Series

CC Series

DC Series

Y Series

(Direct Discharge)

Used to connected distribution ducts directly to the Heat Injector System.

  • Singe Discharge Point

  • Two Discharge Points 

  • Three Discharge Points 

(Cinch Connector)

Used to connect two runs of ducting together or could be used to condence a single run of duct to a shorter length. Ducts come in 25ft lengths. 

  • CC-12  Used for 12" duct
  • CC-16  Used for 16" duct

(Duct Concentrator)

Used when heat needs to be focused directly on an object. 

  • DC-90 

Approximately 90" long designed to penetrate heat deep into couches or basboards.

(Wye Splitters)

Used to branch off 1 duct to form multiple discharge points.

  • ​Y-1616 

​​16" Duct > Two 16" Ducts

  • Y-1612 

16" Duct > Two 12" Ducts

  • Y-1212

12" Duct > Two 12" Ducts

  • Y3-1612 

16" Duct > Three 12" Ducts

Fuel Supply

Gas Connection Manifolds

  • Dual Tank Manifold

Used when connecting two fuel tanks, with the option to add more, to the Heat Injector System. The Dual Tank Manifold is installed with a fuel gauge to view the activa gas pressure fed to the Heat Injector and determine the fuel level,  and two 6ft. hose whips installed with our leak proof quick disconnects, and a shut-off valve to stop the fuel supply after before the Heat Injector. 

  • Single Tank Mainfold

The single tank manifold is only used as a add-a-tank feature to the dual tank manifold. Using our leak proof quick disconnect ends we are able to daisy-chain the single tank manifold to the back half of the dual tank manifold that is already equipped with a fuel gauge and shut-off valve.

  • Inline Quick Disconnect Gauge

The Inline Quick Disconnect gauge is installed directly onto the Heat Injector. It allows for the operator to be at machine while visually observing the fuel pressure as the Heat Injector is running. The Inline QD Gauge also if fitted with a shut-off valve and leak proof quick disconnect fittings.


We offer an adjustable 4-6 PSI regulator with a rubber inlet hose, rated to 750PSI, to the tank, no tools are required to remove the regulator when re-filling the tanks. We recommend one regulator per tank to prevent the tanks from auto leveling with one another. 


The Heat Injector is capable of running up to 500ft from the fuel source with a 1/2" hose.

For smaller lengths, 100ft or less, a 3/8" hose would be recommended. All of our hoses are fitted with a leak proof quick disconnect fitting on both ends to ensure the hose is always charged and ready to go.


Since the Heat Injector is so fuel efficient, Two 40lb propane tanks would be more than enough fuel to treat for an entire day. The 40lb tanks are double the height of a typical 20lb grill canister.  The Height of a 40lb canister is ideal for easy carring when they need to be moved closer to the treatment area.