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Immediate Heat at Regulated Discharge Temperature

The Portable Heat Injector System has significant power and control to achieve a temperature rise from 3°F to 90°F with 4000CFM airflow. If more than a 90° temperature rise is required, the volume of air can be reduced. The components used in the system are rated to handle a maximum discharge temperature of 180°F.

Pressurize to Penetrate the Heat/Purge the Warm Moist Air

During the elevated heat treatment process, when the heat level within the structure has been elevated to lethal temperatures for the pest, the structure can be pressurized by opening the Modulated Air Inlet Gate to draw some fresh air from outside the heated structure to pressurize
the structure causing the heat to penetrate the opening where the pests might be taking refuge from the heat. The fresh air is blended with the heated air and discharged at the set point temperature.  This same process can be used in the water remediation process with some simple changes, the
discharge temperature might be reduced and when the recirculated airflow becomes warm and moisture laden, a window is opened to purge the warm moist air from the structure. The Modulated Air Inlet Damper is lowered into the injection chamber to increase the purging air volume.

Cool it down when the Heat Treatment is Complete

With the Portable Heat Injector positioned as a barrier between the heated environment and the fresh air environment outside, the Air Intake Hood can be adjusted to draw fresh air into the Intake to purge heat from the structure. The purge is typically done without heat, which allows the gas hoses to be packed while the structure and its contents cool off. The purge should continue until the temperature within the structure can be controlled by the existing HVAC System.

Energy Efficient Heat

The patented Heat Injector System has a dedicated fresh air combustion blower which allows the direct gas-fired heat to be injected into the recirculated airflow. There is no heat loss from ducts located outside the heated environment. There is no air heated or moved that isn’t useful in the process. 

HP Boost ™ for Maximum Airflow

The Heat Injector System with the patent pending HP Boost feature senses the static load from the duct and boosts the horsepower to increase airflow and thus increasing the Btu energy transfer. The maximum speed and the static pressure to transition into HP Boost are preset at the factory. The speed control system for the main motor protects against under voltage and overload.

Parallel Airflow with Modulated Air Inlet

The patented pending design draws air through both the Air Intake and the Modulated Air Inlet.  The Modulated Air Inlet Gate opens to draw fresh air into the low static area of the blower chamber without going through the Injection Chamber. The volume of airflow is controlled by the adjustment of the Modulated Air Inlet Damper. This feature allows the heated structure to be pressurized or purged, and with additional accessories under development, the air can be heated and dehumidified.

Flexible Gas Supply

A Gas Manifold combines the potential of several small propane tanks into a single output, regulated to 5 psi and attached to a ½” gas hose. The Portable Unit can be positioned up to 500ft from the supply tanks which makes service to high rise apartments, hotels and sprawling complexes possible. The Portable Heat Injector can also operate on Natural Gas with some minor adjustments.