Heat vs. Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs

Chemical Resistant Bed Bugs  

Bed bugs are have already developed resistance to a number of chemicals used to fight them, the list is getting larger.

Lucky, they can't handle the heat!  The Heat Injector's Heat Treatment is tested and proven to kill 100% of the bugs. The Heat Injector has a completely "green" approach to treating bed bugs.

Customer Preparation

The Heat Injector was designed to treat an entire home.  The goal in a heat treatments is to raise all the contents in the structure to 140ºF, so the customer should not have to remove anything from their living environment except a few items that are sensitive to heat that need to be removed from the treatment area(i.e. wax candles, fire arms, ammunition, arsenal cans, lighters, etc.)

The preparation time can be reduced significantly when comparing to a typical chemical bed bug  treatment.

No Special Training Needed

The Heat Injector is so simple to use, there is no special training needed to heat treat for bed bugs, only the understanding of how heat is applied to the house.

When chemical technicals come to perform a chemical treatment, they need to be licensed to carry the toxic chemical they spray, they basically need to be chemist when measuring the ppm concentration the the chemical they are using. Hopefully they are spraying using a mask or respirator and does not let the chemical touch their skin. All this will not be a problem when using the Heat Injector's natural bed bug treatment.

Migrating Infestations

When the Heat Injector performs a Heat Treatment on a home the bed bug infestation is eliminated, if you see a bed bug or not.  

The problem with chemical treatments is you have to target every single location a bed bug, or it's eggs, could be hiding. If the technical misses one bed bug, the infestation could migrate another room and repeat the process. 

Single Visit Treatment  

The Heat Injector is able to remediate a bed bug infestation in a single day. Some Heat Injector technicians are able to perform multiple bed bug treatments in a single day.  

When bed bugs are attempted to be treated with chemical, it will typically take a 6 week scheduled treatment plan to chase the migrating infestation all around the property. Instead of wasting 6 weeks of failed treatments, a single treatment that was eco-friendly could be performed day.