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Heat vs. Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs

Chemical Resistant Bed Bugs  

The research that has been done and the continuous spread of bed bugs is proof that the chemical approach to eradicate bed bugs has some significant limitations.  With the chemical treatment, if you don't know where they are you will have a difficult time killing them and their eggs.  The technician has to target every single location a bed bug, or it's eggs, could be hiding.  Bed bugs and their eggs can not resist the heat!

Customer Preparation

The Heat Injector is powerful enough to heat an entire home with goal to raise all the contents in the structure to a temperature that exceeds the lethal temperature for bed bugs and their eggs so we suggest a discharge temperature of about 140ºF.  The client should remove anything from the area to be heat treated that would be affected by the heat (pets, plants, medicines, aerosol cans, candles, carbonated beverages, expesive paintings, etc.). Everything that they want to keep should be left in the area to be treated.  

The preparation for the client with the Heat Injector System can be reduced significantly from the elaborate protocal for chemical which requies that everthing be taken to the laundrey and put in plastic bags, etc.  

The Automated Process is Simple

The Heat Injector was designed to be safe, simple and effective.  It takes some skill to understand the airflow process and the methods to effecively transfer the heat into the contents and to eliminate cool spots where bed bugs might find harborage.  Once the process is understood, the process can  easily be duplicated.  We have equipment training and trouble shooting videos available to those who purchase the Heat Injector System.

Major Infestations are not a problem with the Heat Injector System

The chemical process is significantly more difficult when everthing is infested and when previous chemical treatments have been administered because the bed bugs hide in spots that are not typical.  They hide in cracks where they can not be seen and in locations where they are difficult to treat with chemicals.  With the Heat Injector System and the pressurization process, the bed bug infestation is eliminated where ever they try to hide.  

Single Visit Treatment  

The chemical treatment is quite time consuming and requires multiple treatments...this process is normal in the Pest Control Community but not so acceptable to the clients they serve! The Heat Injector System is able to eradicate the bed bugs and their eggs in a single treatment. ​​​​​​​