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Heat Treatment made Easy

The patented Heat Injector System uses a high volume of heated air, discharged at the Operator’s chosen temperature through flexible duct with fabric connectors, to transfer the Btu energy into the structure and its contents.  The Heat Injector is positioned in a doorway, or within the heated structure with the use of the Air Shell, and discharges heated air into multiple locations within the structure, furthest from the Heat Injector.   With a selection of fabric duct connectors and multiple lengths of 16" and 12" duct, the heat distribution network can be configured to heat any structure. 

The position of the Heat Injector and the locations of the discharge establish the airflow path through the structure; from the high pressure at the discharge to the low pressure on the Air Intake. The Air Intake temperature reflects heat level that was not transferred into the structure and its contents.  At the beginning of a heat treatment, the Air Intake temperature will be at the normal living temperature, but as the heated air on the discharge heats the structure and it contents in the discharge area, the heated airflow will heat the entire structure and its contents as it flows from the high pressure on the Discharge to the low pressure on the Air Intake.  Fans can be used in the heated areas to increase the thermal transfer into the contents of the heated structure.

The Heat Injector plugs into any standard electrical outlet and a single gas supply hose (lengths can be up to 400’) is connected with Quick Disconnects (QD's) to prevent any gas leakage.  The airflow, air volume, heat enable and the set-point for the discharge temperature is controlled from the Control Panel.  The heat is internally interlocked to ensure airflow before engaging the Burner.  The discharge temperature is automatically controlled to achieve the discharge set-point temperature at any volume.  The actual Discharge and Intake temperatures are also displayed on the Control Panel.

The Air Intake temperature is used as a thermostat to engage the Burner whenever the temperature is less than the set-point.  For heat treatments, the Air Intake temperature is set to be equal to the discharge.  The Air Intake temperature and thermostat set point is displayed on the Control Panel.  

No Special Training Required​​

The airflow is engaged with a switch and the air volume adjusted by turning a knob, preset with an acceptable range. The burner is engaged with a switch, interlocked to the airflow. The burner can be started and operated at any airflow.  The air inlet temperature is displayed on the Temperature Controller. The inlet temperature can be used as a thermostat to engage the burner when below a given set point. This set point can be adjusted by the operator or controlled by a parameter within the temperature controller.

Goes to where the Heat is needed

The Portable Heat Injector System was designed with 6 wheels and 2 castors to allow it to be easily transported vertically, horizontally, or diagonally through any doorway (28” wide) and into any elevator.  When more than about 3 stairs in a set, the Modular design allows the Heat Injector to be disassembled, moved and re-assembled.  

The entire system fits in a 5 x 8 trailer but some choose the 6x10 or 6x12 trailer.  The Portable Heat Injector System was designed to be positioned as a barrier between the heated structure and the outside.  

The Distribution System moves the heated airflow through the structure without the use of fans.

This package can be used for emergency comfort heat, elevated heat treatment, and water remediation.

Low Maintenance

There is no specific maintenance that needs to take place on the machine.  The pull pins should be lubricated as needed and the belt should be inspected for wear.  A detailed Owners Manual is supplied with every purchase along with an online video to explain its operation and maintenance.